integrated talent management

Global Performance Management Program & Global Leader Behaviors

  • Lead consultant, cross-functional global HR team with key leaders
  • Program design, launch plan, customized learning and rollout tools, communication plan
  • Training of master global trainers and team development, custom internal web site and success metrics

Integrated Global Talent Management System

  • Designed with HR Leadership Team, all HR and manager tools, processes, co-master trainer for HR managers from Australia, Puerto Rico, Latin America, and 3 U. S. sites, manager and HR tools, evaluation
  • Global leadership competencies rollout, master training, all related tools and communications
  • Aligned 360 custom training for global HR leads, toolkit and instructional video

Performance System

  • Custom design with head of HR and leadership team
  • Custom training, processes, tools and evaluation for management

U. S. Calibration Process

  • Lead consultant and content developer of e-Learning module, manager and employee job aids, and rollout plan