project: succession management

Business Need

To design a cross-functionally consistent succession management process to leverage preferred technology, ensure robust succession plans and pull-through of leadership/key talent development across the affiliate and business units.


As lead consultant, in close partnership with Talent Management/Executive Development project leads, HR Steering Team, and appointed functional HR leads, ensured project plan execution including benchmarking, building on legacy data and tools, mapping the process, technology alignment, best development practices, and staying focused on usable, sustainable deliverables for HR and leadership teams.


Consistent integrated succession management approach and bi-annual process, aligned with business needs and the HR cycle; clear roles, succession planning tools, a custom HR learning event, and toolkits for HR, Talent Management, and leaders.

In scope business units completed phase I resulting in more robust assessment of current bench strength, quality, depth and diversity of talent; plans to retain, close competency gaps and accelerate readiness to assume critical positions; enhanced cross-functional collaboration/talent sharing; phase I succession data validated and entered into the system.