Rebecca Holland New

Corporate Officer & Executive Vice President, Enterprise-wide Operations, Patheon

“Inability to impact culture change is one of the top reasons why acquisitions fail; why most turnarounds are not successful, and why strategies are so hard to operationalize….unless, of course, you have Deb Klein on your team. Deb has successfully helped me with 2 turn arounds, 3 growth strategies, and 5 acquisitions. The results have all been amazing: significant improvement in top line, bottom line, and employee alignment/engagement to delivering the business strategy.

Company strategy is easily copied, culture, however, is hard to replicate. When you need to create your platform for growth, call Deb, she will be your cornerstone for success!”

William H. Morley

Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership

“I have had the pleasure to work with Deb for about two years. I found her to be an incredibly talented, energetic and creative in her approaches to handling organizational and human resources related issues. She is a consummate professional and a wonderful person. I would recommend her highly.”

Eveline de Wit

Vice President Human Resources Europe and APAC

“I have the pleasure to work with Deb as we continue to grow our business and our leadership talent pool. Deb has been instrumental in rolling out global HR strategy, processes and tools. She has helped us build our HR development program, staging a strong team across our different sites. It’s a pleasure working with Deb, her strong knowledge of our HR profession, her energy and service mentality are key to the many assignments she supports Patheon with. I would recommend her strongly to any global (HR) executive team.”

Jennifer Kniering, PHR

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at Novo Nordisk

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Deb as part of a very small project team responsible for rolling out an important Development Program at Novo Nordisk, Inc. for Leaders throughout the company responsible for managing People Managers. We were given an extremely aggressive timeline to finalize the program structure/design/content, create internal awareness around the program’s purpose & overall fit within our portfolio of training programs, secure Leadership participation & Executive involvement, and finalize logistics & venue details. Deb kept us super-organized and focused on the project plan, while at the same time inspiring us to “keep swimming” and to hold ourselves accountable for meeting our milestones. She is a committed individual who cares about quality and strives for excellence, but also cares deeply about the individuals she works with... I am so thankful that we’ve been able to keep in touch after this program was successfully implemented!”

August 2, 2015, Jennifer was a consultant or contractor to Deb at Klein Innovations, LLC

Sheri Welsh, SPHR, CPC, CERS

President, Welsh & Associates, an Executive Search and Professional Recruiting Company

“I had the distinct pleasure of working very closely with Deb on an Executive Search for a mutual client. Watching her in action was impressive! She is an excellent consultant, bringing out the best in teams and organizations to help lead them to higher levels of performance. It was clear to me that the organization we worked with benefitted tremendously from Deb’s expertise in OD, process improvement and leadership development. She was a trusted advisor to them and to me throughout the search process and a true delight to work with!”

Chris Cognetti

Director Business Development at Measurement Mojo

“I had the privilege of partnering with Deb on the design, development and execution of marketing career development workshops at Novo Nordisk. The workshops received high scores from the participants and it was attributed to Deb’s effective management of multiple stakeholders, content and timelines to achieve our learning objectives. If you are looking to more effectively develop talent, I would highly recommend Deb for your organization!”

Tony Benitz

Vice President, R&D Americas, Novartis Animal Health

“I have worked with Debbie on several occasions and have always been very impressed with her expertise and ability to bring a group of diverse individuals to a common point and achieve consensus all done in a timely manner. She is very efficient and is capable of rapidly identifying the needs and objectives to be accomplished for each project. This combined with her meticulous preparation for any meeting or project results in an excellent outcome for all. In addition, Debbie is very effective and reliable in many different situations which I attribute to her experience and to her wonderful interpersonal skills. Above all she is always flexible, willing to go the extra mile and a great person to work with.”

Cara Bauer

Director, Executive & Professional Development, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“I have worked with Deb for over 6 years and have always found her to be a very astute, insightful and experienced thought leader. She is unique in her ability to bring both strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the people side of interventions and complex projects that provide great value to senior leaders and organizations. In addition, Deb is a highly intelligent and dedicated professional who can be relied upon to “get the job done” impeccably. She is an articulate, persuasive, and engaging communicator who is adept at developing relationships. I love working with her in part because of her fun-loving spirit and genuine desire to help others. I highly recommend her if you want to work with someone who is enthusiastic, brings deep expertise, partners fabulously, manages projects with rigor and care, is curious about deeply knowing an organization, is beyond technically skilled AND will not let you settle for mediocrity.”

Rebecca DePinto

Global Human Resources Business Partner, Novartis

“I used Deb as an External Consultant to assist with the development of our R&D Career Path. She assisted me in co-leading the project that resulted in the launch of the career path and supporting website. Her broad knowledge, great facilitation skills, ability to hold things together during tough times and her consistent challenging for improvement, were integral to the success of the project. I highly appreciated her great sense of humor and positive thinking in all situations and am looking forward to working again with her.”

Steven Dwight

Vice President, Talent Management, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Deb Klein for close to four years on a number of Talent Management initiatives. Deb is one of the most creative and multi-talented partners I have worked with in my career. She is very customer focused and willing to do what is necessary to ensure a project or intervention achieves the level of impact it was designed to have. She is also a broad and creative thinker who is also an excellent project manager – what this provides for the organization is someone who can think conceptually and innovate but knows and can manage the tactical details necessary to achieve the agreed upon vision. Deb is also someone who has tremendous focus, there have been many times where we asked Deb to achieve the almost impossible within a highly condensed timeline. She has always delivered, achieving in a matter of days what others would take weeks to achieve. In summary, I recommend Deb Klein for leadership and organizational development practitioners who need a reliable thought partner when building important interventions or tools.”

Rebecca Capuano

Sr. Director, Human Resources, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“Deb's a great strategic thinking partner and tremendous resource. She can be counted on to get results and has helped us drive performance, develop our bench, improve engagement and retention, integrate our people processes, and increase HR capabilities so year after year we are more efficient, effective business partners.”

Robert Gut

Vice President, Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“Working with Deb Klein has always been a real inspiration. She is very professional, open-minded, analytical, goal oriented with perfect balance between business and interpersonal skills. She challenges status quo to come up with interesting and valuable business solutions enabling the organization to change and develop. I fully recommend Deb as a true leader and a great Leadership & Organization Development consultant.”

Jennifer Bennett

Director, Strategic Staffing & Diversity

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Deb since 2004. Some specific initiatives were around creating a project plan method/training customized for HR, performance management and individual development planning, and more recently, a complete suite of tools and training for large-scale recruiting events (hiring blitzes). 

I find her to be an extremely capable strategic consultant, but in addition – I have also come to think of Deb as a mentor.  Although I’ve never formally engaged her in a mentoring capacity, I have personally learned so much from Deb, that she has shaped who I am today as a leader. This is why I have given high potential people on my own team the opportunity to work with Deb on key projects in Talent Acquisition.  Deb has this very unique style, where she is super strategic and creative, but then can plan and execute a project second to none.

In addition to Deb’s subject matter expertise and HR/OD thought leadership, it’s about who she is a person.  Deb possess a certain fortitude, resilience and inner strength that is balanced with authenticity and grace.  When I have the chance to work with Deb on a project or initiative, I feel like I perform even better because she just inspires me to do great things.”

Gary Bosch

Global Head R&D, Novartis Animal Health

“Deb is a creative consultant who stimulates teams to collaborate on new ideas and produce high quality results. She takes the time to connect with the team and clearly communicate the concepts of the project. Her uncompromising committment to quality produces an outcome that truly adds value to the business.”

Debbie Green

Senior Director, Human Resources, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“Debbie has been a tremendous business consultant on several key projects. Her detailed insights and planning from concept through to execution is remarkable. I am impressed time and again with the new perspective she brings and by her innovation and level of commitment. Debbie is a pleasure to work with, she is not only a strong business partner but a sincere and genuine person who brings passion, energy and expertise to every engagement. She is simply a pleasure to work with and you can count on positive results!”

Ann Behringer

Director, Organizational Development, Novo Nordisk, Inc.

“I have worked with Debbie on many organizational development and leadership projects. Debbie's strong conceptual knowledge, ability to understand needs, and creativity, have enabled her to create work products and results that are easily applicable to our organization and have high impact and value to the business. Debbie is also very detail-oriented, works extremely well with others and has also mentored colleagues thereby enabling them to increase their breadth and depth of knowledge and skill set. I would strongly recommend Debbie to others. She is one of the best consultants I have ever worked with.”

Per Falk

Senior Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals Research, Novo Nordisk

“Deb is a highly dedicated professional that has provided very high value to forwarding my organizational development projects. She is engaging and passionate about her job and quickly achieves results.”

Rebecca Holland New

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Patheon Inc.

“Unwavering work ethic, brisk capabilities to assess, create and implemented creative leadership and coaching tools designed to catapult your organization and employees to higher performance levels, all wrapped up into a resourceful package lead by a professional who is an expert in leadership technique.

I worked with Deb Klein for 3 years. Her methodological approach to assessment through tracking of effectiveness is incredible. I trust Deb’s recommendations and found that she is effective leading the client interface to truly design best solutions which leaders and HR professionals can utilize to drive performance. I would not hesitate to recommend Deb’s services.”

Larry Fagerhaug

Vice President, Organizational Development, Community Medical Center

“I have worked with Debbie on several projects over the years beginning in 1994. The projects have ranged from simple instructional design in the earlier years, to complex leadership and organization development solutions in the most recent projects. Her attention to detail, her flexibility in working with people and her incredible follow through on projects have made her an indispensible team member on the projects that I have hired her for. She brings a great deal of practical sense and creativity to the table, and is excellent at managing projects. She is the best organizational development consultant I have worked with, bar none. The companies that I have worked for where her impact was felt were large, global pharmaceutical companies with complex politics and organization issues. Her ability to deal with pressure with a sense of the "big picture" allows her to function as one of the team...and not be perceived as "just a consultant." The fact that she can do this with a minimum of "face-to-face" contact is an even more compelling reason why i would never hesistate to use her expertice on future projects.”

Earl Major

Director, Human Resources, Humana

“Debbie Klein is the consummate consultant. She possesses the ability to work at multiple levels. If you need the 50,000 foot view of your organization, she can help you to focus on the big picture, and assist you in establishing both a vision and mission for your organization. On the other hand, if you need to implement/execute on a plan of action, Debbie will provide you with the more focused business context and tactics that will enable you to achieve your organizational goals.

Debbie has been a great asset to me, and has helped me to shape my thinking about strategy and tactics alike. I give her my highest endorsement, and would recommend her to anyone who needs to tap the knowledge and capabilities of an accomplished business partner.”

Cheryl Dore

Vice President, Human Resources, Bausch & Lomb

“I have had the opportunity to hire Debbie Klein on several occasions over several years. Once she was "discovered" by others inside the company (a Fortune 100 company), it was difficult to keep other units from stealing her...she was in high demand based on her abilities to quickly conceptualize the customer's objective, work with teams and individuals, and deliver consistently with outstanding work. Highly recommend.”

Jim Moe

President, JBMconsulting, Inc.

“Debbie is a high-energy, ethical and enthusiastic expert who seeks to understand her clients' needs and objectives, then works diligently and tirelessly to achieve outstanding results. It has always been a pleasure to work with Debbie and she always provided excellent value to our organization. I recommend her without any reservations.”